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New Instruments and Pagan Music Posts

Tuesday was awesome.  My order came from wwbw.com (The Woodwind and the Brasswind).  I ordered a Walton Black Irish PennyWhistle.  It is the Guiness Beer Edition.  I have been practicing a little and posted a recording I just finished in the Music section.  My wife was kind enough to let me borrow her Classical guitar as well.  Although after the second recording a string broke and we don’t have a replacement so I just had to use what I was able to record before the “D” string took flight.  For my second day playing the tin whistle I think it is going ok.  What do you think?

I hope this holds me over until my Irish Flute gets here from Tony Dixon…  the suspense is murder.

Maybe it will come before the week is out.  Hopefully.

Tarot Spread and Holiday catch up.

Merry Meet all.  Be sure to check out the latest spread I did over in the Tarot Readings section.  It was an eye opener, but it will give readers a good sense of what my tarot spread is like.  I feel most comfortable in a reading that centers itself on the current situation of the subject being read.  How they got to that point, how the past is affecting them now, how the current situation is affecting the future and what that future looks like.  It also includes their current fears and how things might turn out if they continue down the current path or Fate.  Click here to visit the Readings page.

This spread I did for myself.  It really reminded me of this recent change in my level of spirituality and where that is going.  It really re-affirmed what the last few weeks have meant to me.  It also included a wonderfully mysterious warning for the future.  The cards unfold in mysterious ways.

Speaking of unfolding, my holidays wrapped up quite nicely.  I am back at home and in full swing.  I feel well grounded and have so many projects to work on which I will keep you updated on.  Music, finding a coven, expanding this blog, spiritual growth, etc…  Rest assured I will be posting some of my music once I get a decent recording.  I have been meaning to learn some tunes from Hugin the Bard’s “A Bard Book of Pagan Songs.”  I am also in the process of making a new Athame and will post those pictures when I am through.  I am also excited to share my library with you and post the story of how I found paganism… whew!  I feel busy, but focussed.

For now enjoy the Reading and I get to work to knock out this list of mine.  Blessed Be.