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New Instruments and Pagan Music Posts

Tuesday was awesome.  My order came from wwbw.com (The Woodwind and the Brasswind).  I ordered a Walton Black Irish PennyWhistle.  It is the Guiness Beer Edition.  I have been practicing a little and posted a recording I just finished in the Music section.  My wife was kind enough to let me borrow her Classical guitar as well.  Although after the second recording a string broke and we don’t have a replacement so I just had to use what I was able to record before the “D” string took flight.  For my second day playing the tin whistle I think it is going ok.  What do you think?

I hope this holds me over until my Irish Flute gets here from Tony Dixon…  the suspense is murder.

Maybe it will come before the week is out.  Hopefully.