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Types of Magickal Arts or Occult Sciences

Below is a list of Magickal Arts.  I am sure it is not complete and I will slowly over time add references and links to explanations of the art.  If you have any suggestions please add them to the comments section.  Many of these examples may fit inside of other forms of magick, take for instance that I put both lithomancy and crystal magick.  Crystal magick fits inside Lithomancy but lithomancy is a broader subject and is more then just crystals.  Some of these links will be to Wikipedia.  Validity of the information there aside if you scroll towards the bottom of those pages you will generally find a good collection of references of which to further look into things.


– Is more of a belief than a way to work magick but I wanted to include it because it is vital to many ways of magick.

Astral Projection

– Travel without the use of car,boat, or plane.  The mind is a powerful tool and can project your consciousness outward.


– An ancient form of divination by studying the flight of birds.


– Bind someone from causing harm to themselves or others.

Black Magick

– It is not really about causing harm but power.  Not for me.  Check here as well.

Blood Magick

– It is the very essence of life for man.  Many believe it holds great power.

Candle Magick

– An excellent way to focus your intent.


– A form of divination using a deck of cards.

Contagious Magick

– Objects that come in contact with someone can continue to influence them.

Crystal Magick

– Magick that is perform through a correspondence with crystals.

Cute Magick

– Remains a mystery.

Defense Magick

– An important lesson all practicing witches should be aware of.


– Again more of a belief but some call on the power or energy of spirits in their magical work.


– It is not just for finding water.

Elemental Magick

– They are all around us.

Energy Magick

– Energy is neither created or destroyed.  What was, is again.


– Good example of sympathetic and contagious magick.

Folk Magick

– A broad category of magicks related to any specific region.


– Attune yourself to the energies of your surroundings.


– A form of divination interprets markings on the ground or the patterns formed by tossed handfuls of soil, rocks, or sand.

Healing Magick

– Using Magick, energy, and intent to heal the body, mind, or soul.

Herbalism and potions

– Hogwarts eat your heart out.  Studying herbs and there uses can be a life-long task.

Hermetic Qabalah

– A precurser to the Neopagan, Wiccan, and New age movements.  Roots in Jewish Kabbalah.

I Ching

– A system from the East similar to Geomancy.

Illusionary Magick

– Some might say that it is the basis of a lot of different magick, glamoring the physical world with your intent and will.  Other view it as merely fluffy bunny movie magic. Check out one facet in glamoring.

Kitchen Magick

Knot or Cord magick

– Easily hidden and very portable.  Very close to me as it was the first ever kind of spell that I cast as a younger man.


Music Magick


– What is in a name?  Does that name have power?  Does it invoke certain images and feeling?  What about the power to name things or to see an object, or element, and call it by its true name?  Ursula K Leguin wrote a bit about this in her Earthsea adventures.


Number magick/ Numerology


Pendulum Magick



– Not something I am interested in.  A form of magick used to take things.  Harmful.


Rune Magick


Shape Shifting

Sigil Magick

Symbol Magick

Sympathetic Magic


Tea Leaf Reading/ Tasseography


Weather Magick

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  2. some May 13, 2013 at 12:07 am

    I love these arts.

  3. Sinita December 11, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    Its good information.thank you for sharing it.

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