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Dedication to the Craft of the Wise

Greetings to all.  While I am pounding out the final post in the Knowledge, Wisdom, and Intelligence series I thought I would give a short update of what is going on and talk briefly about dedicating to the path.

You will notice new additions to the Book of Shadows.  I added a Magickal Arts section and have updated the Circle of the Year for Litha.  Overtime I will continue adding to both of those areas to keep them up to date and fresh.

I must say that I am really excited.  Last Saturday my wife and I dedicated into the Rose Hollow Coven.  After going through some classes and learning about the people in the coven we decided that it would be a great place for us to learn and call home.  That being said I feel now that I am going to have to be careful of what I share with this blog.  I want to protect my coven mates their privacy, as well as the secrets of our tradition.  I will however still be sharing ideas that I find helpful and think you might get something out of.  That being said, the dedication was beautiful and meaningful.  It brought me back to my first dedication.  You see I took this most recent dedication as a dedication to be in and a part of Rose Hollow.  I wanted to reaffirm with the God and Goddess that this is my chosen path and that I want to walk that path specifically with these people.

My first dedication was a self-dedication.  I had been studying Wicca and Witchcraft for several months.  Secretly of course because I was living in my parents house at the time.  I was 18 but going to college and working nearby and staying home on the farm made all of that easier and more affordable.  I think it must of been “Uncle Bucky’s” Big blue book that pushed me over the edge.  I realized that if I was going to live a Pagan life that I needed to make it official.  I needed to shed off my old skin, put it behind me, and let the Gods know that I was serious and wanting to affirm myself as Pagan.  I don’t remember exactly when it was, maybe late summer or fall.  I remember I took my athame and headed outside.  I cast a quick circle and remember becoming overwhelmed with feelings.  It had felt so right and everything over the last several months of studying and reading had built up to this moment.  Quietly but with purpose and intensity I addressed my Gods.  “Watch over me Lord and Lady.  I start a new path under your care with joy and humility.  Its me Keagen.”  It was the first time that I had really felt my Craft name and it felt important to introduce myself to the God and Goddess even though I knew that they recognized me.  I cried.  In doing so I was shaking off those ideas and old beliefs that were binding me and holding me back.  I felt lifted and clean.  I hadn’t perform any magickal work before this because I felt that if I were going to follow a religious magickal path that I needed to pay homage to the Lord and Lady before doing so.  And so it was.

I feel this introduction into The Craft is just as valid as any.  I connected with the God and Goddess that night and know one can tell me otherwise.  However when it comes to Wicca I do feel that you should be taught this from a Priest or Priestess of the religion.  That would require induction into a coven or other similar group.  Wicca is a specific religion, with its own mysteries and ways.  It would be foolish to think that you could reveal those to yourself without knowing their source, but that is only my opinion.  What do you think about self-dedication?  What was your first like, or what would you like it to be like?  Do you believe that it is possible to be Wiccan without being brought into the path by another Wiccan?  Answer in the comments below.

Site Updates and Sickness

Merry Meet,  while I am working on a proper post I wanted to point out a few site updates I was able to do today.  I apologize for the length in between posting lately.  I have had many ideas floating around but lacked the time or the energy to complete anything.  Even now I am still struggling to get over a flu bug that has been with me for a few days now.  Even with that I was able to update some really cool areas of the site here.

I added a Library section to the navigation bar at the top.  In the Library is a list of books that my wife and I own, and would highly recommend to anyone interested in those topics.  It is really a collection from the very first books that I found on my path to paganism as well as ones bought to study not only religion and paganism but the earth in general.  If while browsing the list you are reminded of a good read please pass it on.  I would never have a problem adding to my book shelf.  In the next few weeks I will be adding pictures there of the book covers as well as links to more information on them.

Additionally I also updated some areas of the Book of Shadows.  I spent some time entering in the Daily Correspondence in the Correspondence section.  I also added the Spring Equinox to the Circle of the Year section.

I hope that you are finding this information helpful to you, if you do please spread the word and send a link to your friends about me, a friendly neighborhood witch.  Also, check out what Renny is up to with her projects recently.  She is up to some cool things.

Blessed Be.

Sneezes, New Tarot Spread, Lamb, and the Kitchen Sink

I generally like to keep my postings short, and to the point but this one might be very different.  There is so much I need to catch up on and that I need to get off my chest.  I might come back later and add a Table of contents to help the reader wade through the fluff. I bet if you read my last post you are wondering a couple of things.  Well the answer is yes, or 42.

Actually last weekend was pretty awesome.  I went to an Imbolc ritual held by Rose Hollow coven and it was breathtaking.  It was just so overwhelming to meet so many nice people.  They were all very down to earth and genuine.  We were able to sit down with the members, and seekers before hand and talk about life.  There was laughter and merriment, and a tiny bit of drinking.  It felt comforting to just be myself around other people.  It is a feeling that I am really not use to.  We held ritual which was a first for me.  Not that it was my first ritual, but certainly my first with a coven or group of people.  I wont reveal what was said or even the outline but I will say a couple of things about it.  I went into this very open.  I had all day to prepare and it was constantly on my mind, which I think helped get some nerves out of the way.  For the item I had to bring I decided to take along a Tarot Card.  I choose the Ace of Wands.  It seemed like the best choice since I really wanted to find a symbol that had something to do with my business and creativity.

I still was getting over “first meeting jitters”.  Usually it takes me an awfully long time to open up to people. Sometimes years, which I believe leads to this misunderstanding that I am pretentious or snobbish.  Honestly I am just shy and lack social grace.  I find it hard within a large group to really let go.  It is second nature to me that when I go out into public to really close off psychically, probably for self defense.  I also tend to be a pretty even tempered person.  Meaning I don’t get over excited or under excited, I always try and keep my emotions intact to avoid unraveling when things don’t go my way.  This is a problem during ritual.  I should be happy and let loose.  I  hope that this is something I will be able to overcome as I spend more time with Rose Hollow.  It is ok to laugh and be merry and dance and act super goofy.

I feel good about the night as a whole though.  I know because my body told me so.  Something weird always happens to me when I am raising power.  I has been an indicator to me of when I am raising really large amounts of power.  I have to sneeze.  When I am raising power I have to sneeze.  During the ritual last Sat. I was trying very hard not to sneeze so I am happy that I was able to, even though I was a little uncomfortable, raise a decent amount of energy.  What about the readers?  Do any of you have weird things that happen when you raise energy for spell-work?

I have discovered that I have a sensitivity to Lamb.  The HP had prepared an awesome lamb dish for afterritual.  It was simply stunning but did not set well with me.  It is a problem that I thought I might have so I ate very little, but honestly I have never been in the situation to test.  I have had lamb in the past, and felt bad.  Each time however, I was eating a food that I have never had before so I couldn’t be sure it was the lamb or the other ingredients and preparation of that lamb.  My sincere compliments to the Chef.

So I got a request for a Tarot Reading from someone very close to me.  I wont say much about the reading but you can check it out here.  The reading did bring up a very interesting situation when reading for someone you know well.  Usually I don’t do readings for people who are really close friends or people I know well.  I find it hard if not in the right frame of mind to separate intuition from personal bias.  There are things about the person that you know that may cloud your interpretation.  Although part of me believes that knowing more may lend itself to a better interpretation of the cards.  What do the readers think?  Is knowing someone very well a reason to stay away from reading tarot for them?  What are possible pitfalls to this process?

Check out the Book of Shadows Section which has been updated recently.  I hope to add some more music soon, so stay tuned.

Finally, please send your kind thoughts for me and my wife.  She found out today the she is being laid off.  Her employer, my brother, is not sure that he can afford her anymore so he might have to let her go.  This did not come as good news, although me being the eternal optimist is hoping for the best.  Sweetheart if you are reading this, I love you and will always be here for you.

Blessed Be

Dreams, Epilepsy, and BoS

I have been plagued with bad dreams lately.  Usually I don’t remember my dreams.  Either because I don’t sleep very deeply most nights or because maybe they happen in a sleep cycle that is further from the time that I wake.  Most of the times that I remember my dreams it is when I have already woken up and gone back to sleep to snooze for a bit.

Recently my dreams have been filled with horrible situations.  I can’t seem to get a break when I shut my eyes to rest.  Bad dreams in the past haven’t ever been a problem.  Some how growing up I learned to remain “awake” during bad dreams.  Almost like as soon as the nightmare started I could remove myself from what was happening and view things in third person.  It dawns on me that this might be because growing up I had Sleep Epilepsy.  I would, while sleeping, become aware of what they call a Epileptic Dream, or Aura.  It was my hope growing up that if I could not get caught up in the overwhelmingly beautiful feeling of that Aura that I could get help from my parents by banging on the walls or saying something.  Talking however always seemed super difficult during those situations.

From Epilepsy.com

Auras are brief, localized, electrical brain discharges that often precede more serious seizures. As such, they can warn a person with epilepsy that a bigger seizure is on the way, giving the person a chance to prepare by making a phone call or finding a safe place to lie down.

Auras range from the horribly frightening – feelings of uncontrolled terror – to the pleasurable – rapture and unbridled euphoria. Some can be downright bizarre: One person hears a few bars of the theme from the TV show M.A.S.H.

For me the Auras were 1 part scary, only because I knew what was going to follow, to 9 parts bliss.  My mind felt like it was expanding and my consciousness would take over the room.  Sometimes it would be accompanied with a visual in my head of a tightening metal chain, and other times I would start to hear things like they were in fast forward.  Honestly it was a lot like drug, and out of the whole ordeal I actually miss the experience of the Auras.  There were things now that I would like to try during such an episode like magic work or astral projection.  I had epilepsy only from the ages of 8-12.  I have had some symptoms from time to time since but mostly if I mess around with my sleep schedule.  Even though I miss those Auras I would never purposely try and have a seizure.  They are horrible and life changing.

Back to the problem at hand.  I can’t seem to break out of my dreams anymore.  I can’t rip into the third person to see how they play out.  Instead, I am fully integrated into what is going on.  I am not experiencing fear, but I worry that if this keeps up that I will.  Mostly when the bad things happen in these dreams I get the feeling of confusion.  I certainly think this is better then fear or despair.  I am sure there is a whole range of emotions that I would like to stay away from while dreaming, but I am curious as to way I am staying in “the action” so to speak.  Any help, advice, or expertise would be appreciated in figuring this out.  Maybe a Tarot reading is in order.

By the by, I updated the Rules section on the BoS.  Check it out in the Book of Shadows Section.  Next on my to do list for the BoS is also there.

Blessed Be, and sweet dreams