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TLC What Not To Wear, a style guide for Witches

Well well, I was able to catch the re-showing of What Not to Wear tonight where they did a fashion make over on a Wiccan by the name of Leanne Marrama.  Overall I have to say that I am happy with the episode, but what stood out to me is not the Witch but Stacy and Clinton.  Thank you two for not only being open minded and having a witch on the show but also for mentioning the importance of not feeding into stereotypes.  I am pretty easy going and not easily offended.  I am not all that judgmental but I really went into this with a critical eye.  Of course there were plenty of one liners about witches and the like, and the opening was an angry mob on the witch hunt.  I laughed my ass off.  I laughed because it was funny and I have a sense of humor!  It also helped that it was done in a way that was meant to be over the top and get the stereotyping out of the way.

What followed next was S&C breaking down for our witch that she doesn’t have to dress poorly in order to be a witch.  This particular witch working as a psychic and living in Salem wore pointy hats, black everything, pentacles (upside down and point up), and push and smoosh corsets.  They then probed into the idea that it is very much a wall put up to resolve a hidden fear of being discriminated against; juxtaposed with her own want for people to know she is a witch.  It does make her special but as Clinton asked, why does that matter?  The answer is it doesn’t and that playing into stereotypes is just silly.

I am glad this episode aired.  I think it was good, and one of their better shows.  Mostly because of this amazing transformation of this Witch and the fact that at some point the show focused more on that instead of her religious choices.  That being said she stayed true to her faith and anytime a witch can be portrayed as a human being, mother, business owner, and nice; not just a freaky goth witch, does great things for the pagan community as a whole.  I’m pretty sure that last sentence is a run on.

As one of her witchy friend put it she transformed into, “Joan Crawford meets the whore of Babylon.”  He saw it as good, and so did I.  If you can catch a rerun I suggest tuning in.

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A Little TLC for the Witch Community

Just saw over at The Wild Hunt an update on an episode of What Not to Wear on TLC.  This Friday they are to Air a Salem episode featuring a witch.  Read The Wild Hunt for more.  My only hope is that she is actually a member of the pagan community and not just a Salem occult shop owner.  On top of that I hope that she represents herself well.

By the way it is a great pagan news blog… absolutely superb.