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Birth of the same old story…

As a Witch I feel inadequate. In life I have accomplished a lot but that has mostly been inward. I have little to show to back that up.

I grew up in a magickal place surrounded by challenges. My Father was in Law Enforcement and my brothers are Ministers for the Christian church. One of which is currently my business partner.

I am fortunate enough in life to be able to own a business that can truly help people. We are able to change people’s life in a relatively short amount of time. It makes me happy to be in the situation to do good for others. It saddens me that it comes at the cost of hiding what moves me to want to help people. I wish I had the strength to be open to my Business partner and clients but I fear the friction that would cause would be too much.

Has any out there ever had my problem?

This is the beginning of my path. I feel like the moonlight does not illuminate my way like it use to…

But I surge forward.