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Thoughts on Man Panels

About 90 days ago I had the good fortune to be a part of a special panel of men.  I am getting a little ahead of myself so let me back up a tad.  My wife and our High Priestess get together once a month and host a delightful podcast called Shhh! There are Pagans in Texas.  A few months ago they did a short segment over the role of men in Paganism and Wicca.  Unfortunately at the time all of the men in their lives were busy so it was a segment on men by women.  In all fairness they did have our input via email and were acting on our behalf, but it wasn’t good enough.  Their fans and listeners insisted that they have a discussion panel of men to go over the subject again in length.  Enter Keegan, 3 High Priests, and a little inspiration.

We’re men, MANLY men, we’re men in tights. Yeah!
We roam around the forest looking for fights. We’re men, we’re men in tights.
We rob from the rich and give to the poor, that’s right!
We may look like pansies, but don’t get us wrong or else we’ll put out your lights.
We’re men, we’re men in tights (TIGHT tights), Always on guard defending the people’s rights.
When you’re in a fix just call for the men in tights! We’re butch.

So as I said I had to do this panel with 3 High Priest.  I am not easily intimidated but this was kind of heavy.  I remember being quite nervous the night before and staying up late to prepare.  I wasn’t sure of the format or what kind of questions were going to be asked so I decided to write some of my own.  If anything I knew I could fall back on them if needed.  In the long run I’m glad I did write out some thoughts because I ended up kind of MC’ing the panel and asking some of the questions I wrote down.   So we had Charles, High Priest of Wren’s Nest coven and an active Pagan in the DFW community for at least 20 years.  There was Beowulf, High Priest of Rose Hollow coven and my current HP.  Next is Nikki Tree High Priest of Circle of the Moon American Tradition of the Goddess, also representing the gay male pagans out there.  Finally there is me… not High Priest, Pagan for only one decade but as the others put it maybe I can offer a seeker’s perspective.

So go check it out, then come back and tell me what you think.  Maybe share it with some friends, whatevs.

Hello again, how are ya?

Obvious as it may seem I did in fact take a hiatus from this small corner of the internet.  Every year about this time, March – July, my brain and creativity always seem to just shut down.  This year I decided to take some time and dwell in it.  I usually try and fight it and stay active and “pound” out whatever projects I have going on in life, but this year I tried something else.  I just went with it. You know, I feel a lot better than I usually do this time of year and mentally feel pretty refreshed.

Whats been going on?

I have been really fortunate the past few months.  The business that I run was not doing very well, but it gave me ample free time and the opportunity to get both in and out of a funk.  In many ways that contributed to the funk, but at some point I had to remind myself that I have never run out of money.  I had to remind myself that the Fates have always provided me with ways to take care of myself financially.  I just had to take charge of it all and notice the signs.  I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to my wife who worked her tail off everyday to get us through the rough patches.

I did have the opportunity to semi-host a panel of Men on the podcast “Shhh! There are Pagans in Texas.” The topic for the panel was men in paganism.  It was terribly interesting panel because of all of the different parts of the community we had represented.  On the panel were three High Priests and myself.  All fairly active in the community and readily voicing their opinions about the current and past state of the Role of Men in paganism today.  Since I was the only non-High Priest and the youngest of the group I took it upon myself to write out the questions, or topics, for the panel to speak about.  It was a great experience all around and I’ll let you readers know when it posts over at Shh! There are Pagans in Texas.

A symbol representing the Awen from Celtic myt...

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I also got off my ass, finished my “Major” for the year, did my required Art project, and asked for Initiation into my Coven.  To explain a bit more, last year my High Priestess had the coven choose a Major of sorts.  Some topic or area of Paganism, Wicca, or Witchcraft to put focus into over the course of the year.  I chose Knot Magick.  I chose it because it was the first magick I had ever done with result, and what really open my eyes to the possibility of magick.  I explored it a lot over the last year and learn some valuable lessons.  My next post to this blog will be over Knot Magick so I can share with you wonderful readers what it is and how to go about safely doing it.  Interestingly enough this year I decided to focus on Music Magick.  Which I really have to thank this blog for the direction.  It was a comment on an older post where someone asked me if I had any musical correspondences.  It opened a door and I am going to spend the next year exploring exactly what is on the other side of that door.

Not my mask, but very cool

As far as initiation is concerned, one of our requirements is the create a piece of art that represents our connection with deity.  It took me forever to find the right materials for my project but after I got what I wanted it inspiration struck me hard.  I ended up making a mask out of bark, moss, fake leaves and vines, and feather.  The creation of it was truly inspired and I am very happy with the result.  I will however save the story and go into great detail in a future post with pictures and what not.  After the experience I can really appreciate our High Priestess giving us the requirement.  It is certainly something I will do if I ever have a coven of my own.


Last but not least I started a Jazz Combo Band.  I always said I would never start my own band, but I really needed the creative output and so I put out an ad on Craigslist and started putting a band together.  I don’t have any music samples yet but might soon. So stay tuned!

Blessed Be.