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How about some pig with your Wicca?

So I wanted to post a short something just to let you guys know I’m still alive and mostly well. Lately I have been somewhat under the weather but that is passing now and I am on the way to 100%. I also wanted to let you know that the “post proper” that I am working on is really fascinating. I have been delving into music and the occult and let me tell you it is grand. The bulk of my research has been done by quite prolific author whose works seemed to have gone out of publishing. His name I’ll save for the later post, but his works were very intellectual. Reading through his books has been more like studying science articles or thesis papers, so it’s been slow going but frighteningly informational. For all of you musical witches out there it should be a treat and hopefully well thought out enough to add to your own trappings on magic. I hope that this might develop into a seminar that I can take to my coven and possibly a pagan outing event around Beltaine.

Milton Bradley Company

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However in the mean time I’d like to share if I might a bit of an oddity I found. Lately I have been spending quite a few nights sleepless and awake. To pass the time a watch a lot of YouTube via my iPhone or even play a few games like “Angry Birds” or “Yahtzee”. Interestingly enough I found a game that I used to play as a kid in the app store called Pass the Pigs. It was originally made by Milton Bradley as a kind of dice rolling game. It came in a small plastic molded portfolio and inside you got some paper, pencils, and two rubber pigs. These pigs were molded in such a way that when you rolled them like dice they would land in different positions. Depending on what position they landed in determined how many points you got to add to your score. Well I found an electronic version of this priceless game, which I must admit my wife and I still play from time to time. She is fiercely competitive at it and quite lucky too. This electronic version contains a story mode that takes you through the life story of a pig. Along the way you are asked to roll for certain bonuses or asked to make certain decision that determine the fate of the Pig’s life. I found out that there were multiple endings so naturally I played it over and over to see some of the different endings. While doing this I ran across this strange arch in the story line that actually alluded to Wicca. I managed to capture some screen shots, so check it out below. (Written via WordPress for Iphone.)

What I find really interesting is that they actually put out that as a parent if I let my child make her own religious decisions then she ends up being very happy.  On the other hand if I tell her no and send her off to a religious training camp that she ends up becoming a fundraiser.  It makes me think that the developers of the game are not only Pagan, but perhaps former Christians as well.  There is a lot to say about those four little pictures, but I digress as this would be too easy of a segue into Christian bashing so I’ll just rise above.  Needless to say, when I saw this while playing I lol’d.  Happy to share.  Blessed Be.

Do we define our Religion?

Or as the original Author over at Moonandshadow.wordpress.com put it “Religion defining who we are.”

It is a great post as are the Authors others.

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