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Thoughts on the journey, and a possible destination.

Well here it is, my first post of the new year.  What a weird year it has been.  This time last year I had just started this blog.  I wanted a blog because it was part of an affirmation to actually be pagan.  You see about this time last year my wife and I decided that we really wanted to share this religious thing with one another.  We had tried a few times in the past but had never really found a way to break that wall and let each other in.  The solution was to find a coven.  That way we could fulfill a lot of the goals that we shared; make pagan friends, be more pagan,  and share rituals with one another amongst other things.  We also both started blogs.  For me it has been a place to collect some thoughts.  I wanted to put some things out there into the unknown and share my journey.  Romantically it was maybe the hope that there were other people out there, like me, looking for a wiccan friend.  Maybe that is vain for me to think that way.  Now, here we are one year later.  Its time to reflect on the journey.

What  have learned about blogging:

  • If you have never done it before, there is a hurdle to overcome.
  • Regular time has to be set aside for research and writing.
  • An idea about what you want to accomplish with the blog is a must.
  • Don’t expect people to read what you write.
  • It is ok to write how you talk and keep things real. Personality trumps grammar.
  • If you want more readers, blog about the shallow things like tv and movies.
  • Don’t expect people to respond to what you write.
  • If you have a theme, stick to it.
  • Content can be hard to come up with.
  • Time when you have too much content to write can be hard to come up with.

I suppose I could go on and on.  I had never seriously kept a blog before.  I remember having a live journal back when LJ was new and cool.  It was so 2000.  I never said much on it, but check it out if you like.  Whined a little, but never cared much to really say anything important on it.  It is funny looking back on it now like some kind of Time Capsule.  After 37 post last year I have come to some conclusions about this blog/site.

Looking Forward:

I really like some of the posts I did last year.  I think that I should remember to post some of the more mundane stuff.  While working on larger projects I should check in and post some nice random tid bits.

I want to empty my drafts box.  It is where I store all my ideas for new post.  I need to go through those topics and just empty them out.

I really want to post more music.  I am fortunate to have something that I am really good at, and I should share that.

I have notice the the #1 way people find my site is by searching for Tarot.  I should really develop that section of the site more.

Overall I really like the fact this is more of a Blog, but a compendium of different things like the Music section and the Book of Shadows.  I am committed to that format moving forward as it gives me multiple ways of  reaching out when I get bored.

I really want to thank my subscribers.  

You are few but I appreciate knowing that there is a handful of people out there interested in what I have to say.  What would you guys like to see more of?  Random everyday bloggy kind of stuff, more witchy things, tarot, just name it and I’ll keep it in mind.

Blessed Be

Happy New Year

Bright Blessings to my new friends out there. Remember old friends and keep them close to your heart for in the morning a new day begins with new possibilities.