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Tarot, although originally made as a simple playing card game, is widely used today as a form of fortune telling.  I have always thought of the Tarot as a great tool to exercise my intuition, and as a magickal aid to focus will.  Each card resonates with the subconscious through its pictures and symbolism.

Currently I use two decks.  I have a Rider Waite deck which was my first Tarot set and has worked so well for me that I haven’t had the need to replace it until very recent.  My other deck is a new one that I am still getting to know called The Robin Wood Tarot.  They share a lot of similar symbolism and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the new one for the next 10 years just as much as I enjoy the other for the last ten years.

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The spread that I use is one that I created about 10 years ago.  While I was doing basic tarot spreads the cards always unfolded is strange ways.  They were always telling me, or trying to, a specific story.  It took a lot of meditation to arrive at what that story is, but eventually it came out as this spread.  I don’t have a name for it so feel free to suggest one.

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Introducing the “Road Less Traveled Spread”.  I find it good for motivation, or to unveil the reason why we should sometimes try a little harder to do something unique.  Click this link for a more in depth explanation.

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