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Why are you Pagan?

It is funny, I have had the wordpress iphone app for a while now. I use it often to right down ideas for future post as drafts as a kind of reminder for when I log on later. For the life of me I don’t think I have ever used it for a post. Honestly it doesn’t make the best writing tool and seeing your post to adjust spacing, picture size, and placement are awkard at best. I find myself however sleepless in bed and willing to give it a try. I will probably still save the picture posting for later. I always try to incorperate some kind of visual stimuli to give the eyes a break from text.
So I got the idea for this post from a podcast I was recently listening to. The host ask the same question and my initial reaction was this. Often times I think we believe in something and never sit down to really ask ourselves why. Understandably it is something that may be formed along the way, but I think it is important to at some point re-evaluate our choices and ask these simple questions. I don’t know who said this, I think maybe Einstein, “The simpliest questions often have the most complex answers.”
Why are you a Pagan? I would love to hear from the readers on this. I get a fairly steady flow of views a day so maybe I can get a good discussion started here. Alternatively, if you are reading this and are not Pagan have no fear, simply post why you choose to believe what you do. I promise to do away with any flamers and haters. I feel this place not only to be safe but positive. Please I ask of you to please dig deep and really explore your own personal reasons.
For me, it simply started out as a disagreement with the belief system I grew up in. Over time that developed into other things. Paganism really allowed me to worship the things that in my heart I knew was true. In my love for nature I saw clearly the duality of life with both masculine and feminine characteristics. Additionally, I had seen and experienced things that were not welcomed as truths in the Christian world. Trees had personality and heart, different parts of the forrest had different personalities. Some of those were menacing and others warm and inviting. I even believed strongly in a personal power. I didn’t fully understand as a kid but I knew my will and intent were important to me. All of that lead me to quest out side of what I knew to seek what made more sense.

What about you? Why?

One less traveled…at least by me.

So it starts.  My mind is heightened and my will razor sharp.  If my intent were a shotgun it would be fully loaded, chambers full of deadly might.  I find myself perched staring down that gun with a target in sight.  Every moment wanting to pull the trigger but waiting because I know that perfect shot is coming.

Chris Geddie, an awesome human being, said to me once.

Pain from regret last forever, but Pain from effort is only temporary.

I wish I could shake his hand today to tell him that his words resonate inside of me and drive my path as a Man, Wiccan, Husband, Business Owner, and Friend.

As is the Season, a series of events were set forth a couple of weeks ago when I met with the kind leaders of a local Coven.  After what seems like weeks of waiting I am able to carry on with that initial planting to help this little seedling grow.  This weekend is going to have more pagany events in it for me then I have had in many years combined.  It is my sincere hope that I am able to be genuine with the people I meet this weekend and that my heart and mind open so wide as to redefine what it means to me to be a Pagan.  Maybe that is setting the standard a little high, but as a solitary wiccan it is what I have craved most in my religious goals.  That goal better defined is to meet other pagans to worship, learn from, and live.  I am attending an Imbolc celebration on Sat. by Rose Hollow.  Then on Sunday the High Priestess has invited my wife and I out to visit some of the local pagan shops and to a public ritual being held by another local coven.  I feel on fire with excitement.  I feel doubly blessed that I get to share this experience with my amazing wife.

There is always a catch to walking the road less traveled.  Sure it may be exciting but there is a lot of unknown.  The obstacles I face currently is a relatively easy one, but I need help.  Everyone attending Imbolc was asked to bring something to represent a goal for the upcoming planting season.  The example was given that if you were going to exercise more to bring running shoes.  I am totally stuck as to what to bring.  My first impression was something to do with my business.  I started it only last year and would like to see it grow but I really don’t want to seem pretentious or give the first impression that money is that important to me.  Right now there is a lot going on for me.  I have my music with new instruments to learn.  There is my new relationship with this coven that I hope will grow.  Also, I have a new tarot deck that I would love to really get to know more personally.  Additionally I have this blog which I really want to keep expanding with more music and adding into the Book of Shadows.

What about you?  Share with me if you would what you would bring to such an event or even what you are focusing on this Imbolc.

I think the examples might help me brain storm.  Comment below or email me wiccantarot@gmail.com