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Esoteric Dissapointment

Today I went out into this world on a mission.  Through the Witches Voice I found what looked like just an awesome pagan store.  Quite possibly the only store of its kind in this whole state…  I unfortunately live in the heart of the bible belt.  My mission was to give some of my hard earned money to a small local pagan store and in return replace some books that a let a friend borrow a couple of years ago.  I hope that their new home is a good one.

We, my wife and I, punched in the address we found online into our Iphones.  We were really excited and have been putting this off to a day that we knew we had plenty of time to find the store and browse.  It heightened the excitement knowing that this type of store is rare.  After a few mis-turns on stray streets we finally found the right building.  It was a mostly unmarked building with many random office spaces and other small businesses.  We walked around the building marked with the suite number from the website and then I heard my wife gasp… she had just noticed a post on the owners website saying that they were closed forever.  My heart sank.

I retrospect I can’t help but think how sad this situation is.  Someone probably noticed the lack of this kind of store in the area and thought, as I myself would think, I should open a business.  With sweat and hard work, and possibly on loan or by money borrowed they opened a dream.  The rest of the story in my head goes by and I felt the same feelings I would feel if my own small business were to meet the same fate.  Sorrow, Despair, and Failure.

Please go online and research for stores near you.  If you have the means shop there.  It is so important to build up this community and lift up those who have a dream to provide like people with goods and service.

In the sidebar you will find a link to The Witche’s Voice an online collection of store, shops, and website of all things pagan.  Check it out.

What stores are near you?  Any one ever own a business like this?  If you would like to share your business comment and add your web address or physical location.