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Site additions, upcoming posts, and New Podcast!

Not a proper post, but more of a notice while I am working on some future posts.   I have spent some time working on the site and rounding out some of the rougher edges.  You might notice all of the new links icons in the sidebar.  I decided that I really wanted to make something for all of those sites instead of borrowing from someone else site or having something that didn’t fit the margins of the sidebar.  Since I have, and love, Adobe products I just went to work and created some links with Illustrator.

You might also head over to the BoS as I have updated the link in the Magickal Arts section as well as adding to the Wheel of the Year and Ritual sections.  If while looking over the magickal arts you think of something I missed please leave a comment and I would be glad to add it.  There is still a bit more to do over there but I think I made some good headway.

I also want to officially announce my new favorite Podcast Shh, There are Pagans in Texas.  It is hosted by my Renny, my talented wife, and Rose, my HPS.  Although it serves as a connection hub for the North Texas area pagan community, they have a huge variety of different pagan topics that they cover.  If you enjoy listening to podcast that cover Pagan topics you’ll love it.

Upcoming posts I am working on:

  • Counter – Evangelism.  What the bible says and how to talk about witches, The Craft, and your soul.
  • Music Magick correspondence
  • Magickal Text addition to BoS
  • Knot Magick
  • Service, not Sacrifice
  • Change, the Witches True Power
  • Pagan Forgiveness

If you see something interesting let me know.  Blessed Be

Pagan Podcasts and New Tarot Spread

So I had a rare opportunity to help someone recently.  They had contacted me through the blog here to give them a Tarot reading.  This was really such a positive experience.  It is just nice to connect with someone and be able to provide some guidance.  I would love to do more.  The process I don’t think is very unique.  The person sent me their name, birth date, and a question.  I then do a little research on the birth date and sign and then take that information along with the question and meditate for a bit over everything.  I do this while shuffling the cards and then when they tell me that it is time I stop shuffling and deal the spread.  A bit take raising power for spell work by the time the cards are dealt I feel overwhelmed with emotion like my aura is on fire.  Check it out here.

So I have totally jumped on board with Pagan podcasts.  By far my favorite would be The Wigglian Way with Mojo and Sparrow.  Here is there website.  Also you can follow the link in the sidebar.  I’ll list my other favorites as I run across really good one, although it will be hard to follow up those Wigglians.  To check out some other great pod kin check out The Pagan Podcast Index here, or check them out in the sidebar.

Hope to get in another post before the weekend is out.  It should be pretty low-key so I’ll have some down time.  It will be good rest after a crazy busy week.   Next week my business is taking on 3 or 4 new clients so I will be busy pushing paperwork and making trips to the bank.  Towards the end of the week I am meeting with the High Priestess on a local Coven called Rose Hollow.  My wife and I have recently been searching out a coven to finds some like friends and add a new dimension to our faith.   I think my next post should be about how I came to the craft.  Until then, Blessed Be.