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Ostara and Moving

My heart is so heavy, I have been aching to post something for weeks and just find myself pushing it aside to deal with other things in life.  It has been nice to be busy especially with witchly things.  New moon, Ostara, full moon, my birthday, family, and moving have made this one of the busiest times ever.  I have such great ideas to pour into the site here but unfortunately i think this will be my last post until I finish moving which is at the beginning of April.  I plan on finish out my knowledge, wisdom, intelligence series and then moving on to a study of the ethics of witchcraft using a workbook created by Robin Wood.  If anyone wants to join in with the project I will provide links to buy the book in advance to posting material.  I do have to say that I will not be quoting the workbook word for word to protect the authors work.  Rather, I plan on using it as a jumping off point in hopes to get more people to purchase it.  I would love for it to start an intelligent conversation and dialog.  I’ll see if my friends over at The Children of the Earth and Sky will sponsor some forum space for the discussion.  In the Meantime I added a page to the Book of Shadows of a ritual that I wrote for Ostara.  Wish me luck on the move, and getting back to balance.

What are your thoughts on going through a ethics workbook?

Thanks to all of the people that have been visit the site on a regular basis.  Seeing those hits keeps me going and helps inspire.

Blessed Be