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Thoughts on House Blessings

So recently I was checking out some postings of fellow pagan bloggers and read over on Saga Parva that the author, Artista Oscura, was looking for some suggestions on house blessing charms.  I thought it would be an awesome blog post to put out there and give me a chance to share with my readers a house blessing along with two charms I have in my house.   If you have the chance check out Saga Parva, I find Artista Oscura’s writings interesting.

So you got yourself a new pad? Moving feels good doesn’t it?  For me it is like a fresh start in a new space.  New rooms, new energy, new possibilities.  I find it extremely important to protect the things that we love so much.  Not only should this include warding the space to protect against unwanted energy and visitors but also to allow the things we do want in our lives passage into our space.  This can be as simple or complicated as you really feel is necessary.  It really doesn’t have to be much more than sending out positive energy and asking the gods to watch over the space.  If that is what feels right, then it is.  Personally I enjoy ritual and like finding corresponding elements and items to attract those things which I want in life, and banish or bar the things that I don’t like.  So I’ll describe one way of going about this.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Smudge Stick – usually made of sage but I’ve seen other made from various other grassy herbs.  This will be used to purify the space.
  2. Small cauldron filled with a mixture of appropriate herbs, incense,  or a salt and alcohol mixture.
  3. Friends/ Loved ones to help with the cleansing.
  4. Care – please be VERY careful when handling anything that is on fire.  Have an extinguisher handy just in case.

Start at the entry inside your new home and light the smudge stick and herbs/salt. Walk clockwise around the perimeter inside your home and while doing this put out energy of the things you want to attract to your space.  This should be things like peace, love, understanding, consistent flow of money, happiness, and the like.

To explain, the smudge stick purifies the surroundings with the element of air and fire, as well as helps get the participants into a better state of mind.  I know that whenever I smell burning sage I find getting to an alpha state is much easier.  The herb or salt mixture purify with water (the cauldron) and earth.  This could also be done with salted water but I just know that my cute little dog would probably just find those spots and try to re mark them… *sigh*.  We travel clockwise because not only are we purifying the space but also projecting into it new energy.  If we were banishing something we knew was in the space that might be different.

When you arrive at a window you should pass your tools counter clockwise around the window and imagine barring out the things that you do not want in your home.  I also find that if before hand you come up with a simple symbol or sigil you can draw it into the air in front the window as well.

When you arrive at a door you should pass your tools counter clockwise but avoid barring it like the windows.  Instead maybe saying a few words about protecting you from harm and granting passage to good.  Symbols and sigils are also appropriate here.

After you have traveled the perimeter follow the ritual with a nice meal while leaving the herbs/salt in a central location.  If you have a fireplace, it would make a good place for this as the cauldron will eventually heat up and become very hot.  Leave some food and drink from the meal to offer up as a sacrifice.

After the ritual:

There is a world of things one can do with charms to keep one’s house and space safe and magickal after the house cleansing.  Satchels, poppits, and small bags full of purpose appropriate dried herbs make a great way to attract good things into your home.  Also creating a Sigil that is unique to your home could be useful as well.  It would be almost like giving you new space a name and purpose.  You could then paint or draw it and then frame it for your new walls.

I have two things that I leave out consistently leave out that would fall under the charm category.  Neither were made by me, but by other members of my coven as an herbal gift.  The first is a small bottle filled with an herbal concoction to attract a steady flow of money into the house.  This was done by adding herbs to a pot of water and basically making a tea then bottling the result and charging it with energy and purpose.  Every now and again I will grab it and charge it more just to reinforce its properties.  Otherwise I keep it perched in a window sill so sun light can reflect through it.  The second is a protection satchel with various herbs and stones inside.  This smells amazing and currently I keep it in a drawer with my most often used magickal things like my tarot cards and BoS.

Hopefully this might inspire some of my readers to create something for their home.  Feel free to share what charms you have in your home.