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Site Updates and Sickness

Merry Meet,  while I am working on a proper post I wanted to point out a few site updates I was able to do today.  I apologize for the length in between posting lately.  I have had many ideas floating around but lacked the time or the energy to complete anything.  Even now I am still struggling to get over a flu bug that has been with me for a few days now.  Even with that I was able to update some really cool areas of the site here.

I added a Library section to the navigation bar at the top.  In the Library is a list of books that my wife and I own, and would highly recommend to anyone interested in those topics.  It is really a collection from the very first books that I found on my path to paganism as well as ones bought to study not only religion and paganism but the earth in general.  If while browsing the list you are reminded of a good read please pass it on.  I would never have a problem adding to my book shelf.  In the next few weeks I will be adding pictures there of the book covers as well as links to more information on them.

Additionally I also updated some areas of the Book of Shadows.  I spent some time entering in the Daily Correspondence in the Correspondence section.  I also added the Spring Equinox to the Circle of the Year section.

I hope that you are finding this information helpful to you, if you do please spread the word and send a link to your friends about me, a friendly neighborhood witch.  Also, check out what Renny is up to with her projects recently.  She is up to some cool things.

Blessed Be.