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A Very Saxophone Christmas

A Christmas minstrel playing pipe and tabor.

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So, as some of you may have read I am a musician.  For the longest time my music section has been pretty empty.  Although I may play I don’t often have the chance to actually sit down and record.  Recently that changed and I have posted some things over in the music section.  I played regularly with a sax quartet and we recorded some Christmas music this year.  Keep in mind none of us are professional musicians but we enjoy getting together and playing a bit.  The quartet consists of two alto saxes, a tenor, and a bari sax.  Personally I play the second alto part so I don’t get a lot of the spot light but that is why I also posted some Christmas Jazz Solos.  Go over to the Music tab to check it out. I hope it is enjoyable.

Merry Early Yule to All!


Thoughts on busyness, business, and making room

Merry meet fellow pagans, and anyone who happens across the site who may not be pagan.  Fall is in full swing here in Texas and although only a couple of days ago it was a balmy 78 degrees, it has turned cold again and hopefully it will stick.  My only hope for the warm few days we had is maybe it will cut down the wasp and insect population.  Originally I had planned something very timely for this post but something unexpected happened and instead I’ll share a story about love between friends lost.  It has been a awhile since my last post and I really wanted to share something so I am just winging the content today.

Busyness:  Tis the season.  I find this time of year is so active.  October kicks off this time of busyness that doesn’t really stop until the first of the year.  I think we celebrated 3 Samhains, had an October and November coven class, Thanksgiving, family stuff, and it will keep going with endless shopping and preparing for the upcoming Yule and Christmas.  This makes things like study and self reflection hard to do, but I urge everyone that if your schedule is anything like mine to take even a short amount of time to get lost in meditation.

Business:  I make it a point not to talk about my business in blog posts.  I do this mostly because I don’t want the blog or site to be seen as an advertisement with a thin pagan veil.  So please don’t take the following as an advert.  I really just want to flush some bad feelings out of my system and put out some welcoming energy.  Business can be tough.  When it is good, it is good.  It makes you feel on top of the world.  When it is bad, it is bad.  It makes you feel like the world as been turned upside down and its full weight bears down on your shoulders.  Summer was fairly good to us and we made some good strides with future plans and ironing out a lot of details on moving forward.  Unfortunately, as with all things, there is an ebb and flow and we have to except the good with the bad.  The bad has gotten to me lately.  Last year this time was tough as well and I was kind of expecting another slow period.  We set up some special programs to try and drum up business with some great incentives both for

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new clients and for our sales force, but it is turning out to be just as dry as last year.  That being said, I am putting out there before time is out this year that I will not lay down.  I won’t give in to the weight of my problems.  I will welcome it with open arms in hopes that I will have new opportunities and hard times will pass.  *Update*  I often write these posts in stages with several days going by in between writing down my thoughts or working on other post.  I have always put my finger in multiple pies like that.  Since starting this post business has really turned around.  We have 3 more client with another 3 on the way.  That is quite frankly amazing for this time of year.  I wish I could take credit for rolling up my sleeves and getting the job done but I have been sick with fever and in bed for the last 4 days so the credit and thanks really goes out to my business partner who really should believe in miracles.  Maybe it is just the power of positive thinking.

Making Room:  Originally for this post I wanted to put out some magick work to coincide with a very unique part of this time of year.  I have also felt the Samhain going into to Yule is the time of year where we should concentrate on making room in our lives for the things we truly need.  This may mean that we cull from those things which we have too much of, or even eliminating those things from our lives that we find are in excess.  I thought it would be a good exercise for me as well as a way to share with the readership a more intimate form of my magick.  My thoughts on this changed when something quite unexpected happed while I was having an outing with my wife.  We were out doing some Christmas shopping and were going to catch an early afternoon movie at a dollar theater when we decided to kill some time before the movie at a coffee shop.  We walked into the small coffee place and standing behind the counter was an old friend that we haven’t seen in over a year and a half.  We used to be part of a group of fairly close friends a few years ago.  It was a super group of 6 guys who all worked for a used gaming store and our wives/significant others.  We also all played online games together like World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online.  Honestly there was a time when we were all super close, and would talk about our futures together and helping each other navigate the perils of life.  I also appreciated that we were an inter faith group with an atheist, baptists, a catholic, and a wiccan all interested in each others unique point of view.  At least I thought that was the case.  One year my wife and I threw a Halloween party for the group and I let one of the other girls talk me into giving a Tarot reading for her.  I think that may have been the moment where they realized that we weren’t just kinda pagan but really pagan.  From that moment forward the group drifted away from us.  They became distant friends pretty quickly.  Wouldn’t make time for us and made plans with other members of the group.  We were  hurt and felt pretty poorly about the whole situation.  Life moved forward, and I think I had finally come to terms with losing them all as friends until we ran into one of them at the coffee shop.  We had a great conversation and he brought some things to light that made both me and my wife feel a little better about what had happened.  Needless to say now I have to think about what I need to hold to and what I should push aside to make room.  Maybe the universe was telling me not to give up yet, but to give it another shot.

Well, if you made it though that wall of text then you have earned some congratulations.  This has been quite a lengthy entry.  Thanks for your attention and I charge all of you readers to think about what it is that you don’t have need for this Winter.  Maybe there is a little room you can make for yourselves.  Blessed Be.

Thoughts on Spirits and New Experiences

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Early in the month I attended a class on mediumship.  Honestly, I must say that it is not my thing.  I find myself so rooted in mindful thought and lost in creativity that I have a hard time distinguishing between what is imagination, or what my mind has created, and what is being given or said to me from an outside source.  Early on in my pagan studies I found visualization to be fascinating.  I studied and practiced and at this point I find it pretty easy to create images and situations in my mind to immerse in.  This has been a great asset to my mundane and magickal life.  Often times I use it to create a place to worship as well as help myself more quickly fall asleep.  It also makes meditation more meaningful to be able to create the sights, sounds, and smells easier.  However, all this I do so both knowingly with purpose and semi-automatically where things are added or improved on without me needing to will it so.  This to me is how intuition works.  Somewhere in the subconscious my brain add things and takes cues from what is already present.  This is what makes medium-ship so difficult to me.  I find myself sifting through the images, feelings, and sounds trying to decide what I am creating (making up) and what is being given to me.  Everything that is being visualized I start to label in my head… me, train of thought intuition,  silly random thought, me, real, not real, ?, etc.  Normally when I label things then the concern over their origins is fleeting and I can move on to label something new.  It makes the process of going out and looking for a spirit guide or connecting with spirits exhaustingly complex.  And then, maybe I am over analyzing it all.  That being said, at the mediumship class I had an awesome experience.  There was a childhood experience I had that was both extremely scary to me and at the same time saved me some pain and kept me out of a more hurtful situation.  I have lived my whole life so far without knowing all the answer to that event, until the class.  Someone explained what had happened during that event, and showed me the truth behind what I could not see.  It is my believe that I was able to connect with a spirit guide.  She told me her name, explained what she had done all those years ago, and it overwhelmed me.  Interestingly enough I did not have to sift through or even question these thoughts from the guide.  I knew they were not from me and she did me the favor of literally artificially shaking my emotions so I would further understand what was happening.  I felt a chill, fear, and excitement ran through my body and my eyes without emotion started to tear up.  I was not sad, did not feel in danger, but experienced something unique to me.  I found an awareness about what was going on at that moment and chose to end it by backing off and putting up some distance between what just happened.  Not that I was worried or frightful, but I wanted to have some time to understand it and think about what happened.  I also needed to do some research over the name that was given to me.  I couldn’t really substantiate the name to my liking but for now I am going to just go with it.  Who knows, maybe in the future I can have that conversation with my new friend.

My new friend, as i’ll call her for blogging purposes, has proven elusive.  It would seem at the moment that I cannot reach out to her for contact and maybe this is because I am mostly untrained and lack the know how to do so.  She has visited me though twice since the class.  Once only moments ago while writing the post with some concerns over giving away too many details about her, and once earlier in the month to give me another name.

Whats in a Name?

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I can be a pretty lazy person.  I seem to like to think about it as giving into life’s little distractions.  I am also forgetful and tend to spread myself to thin.  I have notice for a long time though that this comes in waves.  Sometimes I will be super focus and get a ton of things done, tonight being one of those nights, and other times I cant seem to get anything done and my head feels like soup.  I had never thought that it there may be outside influences involved.  I am beginning to think differently.  My friend nudged a thought in my head while taking a bit of a meditating shower.  She gave me an awareness of things and then a name.  The awareness was that of what helps contribute to my laziness.  Notice that I say “ helps contribute” because I truly do believe that I am responsible for my actions and have the will and ability to change as hard as it might be.  That alone was eye opening.  Looking out on the world I noticed it too.  Something, a entity, shadow, reflection, spirit, demon… I’m not sure what it is but I know what to call it.  The name I will not share, or even say aloud most of the time, because I also truly believe that saying somethings name grabs its attention.  That goes for writing it down as well.  I think that only if I want to address it should I speak its name.  Now I think I know what some of you might be saying.  That playing into it like this is me just giving it more power over me, and you might be right.  Part of the understanding I was given of the thing is that it is only harmful if I let it, and that it has value to me.  I can use it to my advantage, so I don’t mind its existence.  I welcome it to me almost like a familiar.  Maybe that is what it is, a familiar.  Or perhaps another guide that focuses on more selfish pursuits. Or maybe one of my readers has a better name for it.  I’ll leave that for the comments section below or email.

Anyone else have any similar experiences in mediumship?  Let me know.  Blessed Be.


How about some pig with your Wicca?

So I wanted to post a short something just to let you guys know I’m still alive and mostly well. Lately I have been somewhat under the weather but that is passing now and I am on the way to 100%. I also wanted to let you know that the “post proper” that I am working on is really fascinating. I have been delving into music and the occult and let me tell you it is grand. The bulk of my research has been done by quite prolific author whose works seemed to have gone out of publishing. His name I’ll save for the later post, but his works were very intellectual. Reading through his books has been more like studying science articles or thesis papers, so it’s been slow going but frighteningly informational. For all of you musical witches out there it should be a treat and hopefully well thought out enough to add to your own trappings on magic. I hope that this might develop into a seminar that I can take to my coven and possibly a pagan outing event around Beltaine.

Milton Bradley Company

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However in the mean time I’d like to share if I might a bit of an oddity I found. Lately I have been spending quite a few nights sleepless and awake. To pass the time a watch a lot of YouTube via my iPhone or even play a few games like “Angry Birds” or “Yahtzee”. Interestingly enough I found a game that I used to play as a kid in the app store called Pass the Pigs. It was originally made by Milton Bradley as a kind of dice rolling game. It came in a small plastic molded portfolio and inside you got some paper, pencils, and two rubber pigs. These pigs were molded in such a way that when you rolled them like dice they would land in different positions. Depending on what position they landed in determined how many points you got to add to your score. Well I found an electronic version of this priceless game, which I must admit my wife and I still play from time to time. She is fiercely competitive at it and quite lucky too. This electronic version contains a story mode that takes you through the life story of a pig. Along the way you are asked to roll for certain bonuses or asked to make certain decision that determine the fate of the Pig’s life. I found out that there were multiple endings so naturally I played it over and over to see some of the different endings. While doing this I ran across this strange arch in the story line that actually alluded to Wicca. I managed to capture some screen shots, so check it out below. (Written via WordPress for Iphone.)

What I find really interesting is that they actually put out that as a parent if I let my child make her own religious decisions then she ends up being very happy.  On the other hand if I tell her no and send her off to a religious training camp that she ends up becoming a fundraiser.  It makes me think that the developers of the game are not only Pagan, but perhaps former Christians as well.  There is a lot to say about those four little pictures, but I digress as this would be too easy of a segue into Christian bashing so I’ll just rise above.  Needless to say, when I saw this while playing I lol’d.  Happy to share.  Blessed Be.

Thoughts on pagan business.

Or moreover, thoughts on being a pagan who owns a business.

I want to be clear that this is not an advertisement for my business.  I do not wish for my blog to turn into spam and certainly respect my subscribers more than that.

I feel really fortunate and proud to own a business.  I didn’t finish college, don’t know any trades, and have few marketable skills besides being a creative thinker type.  Actually I used to have on my resume “creative think tank” as a description of my skills.  Furthermore, I am proud to own a business which can really help people.  Without going into much detail and alerting Google’s crawlers, possibly outing myself, I teach people how to invest.  I myself hate numbers and was never good at math or technical things like math.  I am however good with people and love to flex the more creative side of my brain in building a business.  This is where my Brother and now business partner steps into the picture.

He is Baptist Minister with a degree in Theology who instead of having a congregation was called to help people through their finances.  I respect his decision to take a non-traditional approach to his faith a lot.  He, for some time now, has owned a financial planning business that doesn’t charge the client for his time.  Through everything he does the client never has to write him a check for his services, and then behind the scenes he works hard to get as many contracts with companies as he can as a free agent.  He wanted to start another company but needed help with the administration and creative side of things and asked me to jump on board.  We did a few months of planning then went live with our business a little over a year ago.  He still to this day does not know I’m a Pagan/Wiccan/Witch.

I am certainly proud of what I do for people.  I could rattle on for hours about it.  I just wish as a pagan that I could find someway to bring what I do to the pagan community.  My problem is with the target audience.  During the initial phase of our business planning we really wanted to narrow down who are our “5 pointers”, and what are the five points.  After a lot of research and debate we found out the answer to those questions and although I wasn’t shocked I did find myself disappointed.  Most of the people I know, and associate with, didn’t fit the target.  In fact the largest group of people who fit our target audience are Christian church-goers.  Truthfully it is not a bad demographic to have, but I constantly wish that I could use what I know to help the Pagan community along with my pagan friends.  I look at my business partner with envy sometimes because what he is able to provide for his friends, and fellow worshipers.

Right now I think there are Two major things that are holding me back from really approaching my fellow pagans as a target audience.

  1. Coming out to my Brother and Business Partner.  I know that if I were to start sending him business from unknown areas and avenues that he would eventually find out.  He talks about his faith a lot and doesn’t have a problem, like most Baptist Ministers, talking about that faith to strangers and asking about their views points and feelings.  I don’t think that he would ever turn business down when it comes to what someone’s religion is, but it would definitely get him into preacher mode.  I would feel horrible if he caused someone grief from a referral I sent his way.
  2. I feel like I might not be giving my fellow pagans due credit.  I feel sometimes that I am pigeon-holing pagans into a category that is based on my own bias.  They say to be successful in sales you have to spend 80% of your time in your target market.   Out of all of the pagans I know currently I really can only think of two that fit that target.  Am I maybe limiting what I can do by what I know and my own bias?  I think maybe I am.

I know people who can help people with everything financial in their life.  Credit, Insurance, Investments, Health Care, and Retirement are only a few of the things that I know the pagan community deals with just as much as any other community.  I get closer everyday to coming out of the Broom Closet with myself and my business.  It is starting to feel less of a choice and more of an obligation, especially since there is a lot of good I could do for people if I were more open.

Future Thoughts and the Call to Teach

So I have found myself drifting into thoughts about the future lately.  Specifically about paganism and ways that I can give and make things better.  I have been asking myself lately what the future holds for my pagan path, about being a third degree witch in my tradition and what lies both before I get there and after.  I try hard not to dwell on the after because I feel it more wise for me to focus on how to get there.  There is a prospect that really excites me and that is that opportunity to teach my fellow pagans.  Our High Priestess and Priest believe that the coven should really teach itself.  They encourage us to share the things they we have learned with our coven mates, and it is a refreshing idea.  That way collectively we can grow and share the work of learning new things.  It is interesting that I have been on this path for over 10 years now, but I still feel like I am in a learning stage.  I wonder if that ever really goes away.  Do sages and wise men ever really feel like sages and wise men?

Luther rose

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When I was a younger lad I had someone say something so overwhelmingly encouraging that it has stuck with me.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I don’t really remember the little stuff.  Most of my memories are more about what I felt at the time and less about what people say and the details.  It was at the end of Junior High School.  The Lutheran Church I went to as a kid would split the youth into to groups, Junior High and High School, and at the end of the term our Sunday School teacher just took the last day to go around and tell everyone what she thought.  Her name was Donna.  I wasn’t sure what she did for a living but I know that along with teaching Sunday School she also played the organ and organized the music for the church.  I was sitting at the end of the table so just by fate I ended up last.  She looked at me and I’ll never forget how.  She was proud, and hopeful.  Donna told me that she admired me for the unique gift I had to be able to take the thoughts in my head and put them into words so someone could understand them.  It floored me, and had an interesting effect that I don’t think was intended.  I started thinking how I could use that gift and eventually arrived at teaching.

Since that moment I have wanted in some form to help others and teach.  Soon after the comment I started helping my church out by helping the Sunday School teachers with their work.  Later I remember assisting a teacher with the young adults catechism class.  I gave piano and guitar lessons to other kids in High School.  I taught climbing and repelling for the Boy Scouts.  Even after I graduated from High School, I took on the role of Youth Minister at my church.  During the next year I reveled most in teaching Sunday school classes to the High School class.  I would spend every Saturday coming up with a lesson plan to go over the next morning.  I also entered college declaring myself a Music Education major in hopes of someday teaching band in a class room.  It was that moment that Donna poured into me the thought that I was good at something unique that has inspired me to use it to help others.  It is a powerful thought that she guided me so absolute with just one sentence.  It is quite possibly one of the reasons why I started this site, so others could learn from my experience.

This is one of the things I really appreciate about the Pagan Community and Wicca.  In many ways Wicca is a Teacher/ Student based religion.  Someone or something has to teach you those mysteries.  Be it a book or a person, there is knowledge and wisdom that you have to get from somewhere.  Becoming clergy in this religion means in many ways to pass your knowledge on to others that seek it.

That brings me to the root of my need to teach others.  Some might be familiar with a psychologist by the name of Abraham Maslow. He was a psychologist in the mid 1900’s who came up with a hierarchy of needs.  Early on it occurred to Maslow everyone has five levels of needs.  At the bottom, Level 1, were listed the very basic needs or physiological needs like breathing, food, water, and procreation.  From here the idea is that once we meet those physical needs that other needs arise of a different nature.  Level 2 is the need for Safety, like having a good paying job and keeping your friends and family out of harm.  Level 3 is about the need for Love and belonging; friends, family, intimacy, and being accepted by others.  Level 4 is about esteem.  Not only of the self but from others as well.  Not only do people accept you but they respect you too.  That brings us to Level 5.  Originally this was the need for Self-actualization or in simple terms being the best one can be and realizing your potential.  Later in the 70’s two  levels were added before this level of 5) cognitive needs, and 6) Aesthetic needs.  These are the need to know and understand and the appreciation of beauty and form respectively.  That makes Level 7 Self Actualization.  It is a terribly interesting theory of behavior that I could probably go on for hours about but there is a point.  In the 90’s yet one more level (click to see a chart) was added to the very top, level 8, Transcendence.  See, once we realize our full potential it is at this point that we have the need to help others self-actualize.  Ultimately we need to step outside ourselves to help others find self-fulfillment.  It is a eye opening idea.

I just think that along the way to my own self-actualization I can help other towards theirs.  Hence my drive to teach and maybe the root of all teachers.  Blessed Be.

Site additions, upcoming posts, and New Podcast!

Not a proper post, but more of a notice while I am working on some future posts.   I have spent some time working on the site and rounding out some of the rougher edges.  You might notice all of the new links icons in the sidebar.  I decided that I really wanted to make something for all of those sites instead of borrowing from someone else site or having something that didn’t fit the margins of the sidebar.  Since I have, and love, Adobe products I just went to work and created some links with Illustrator.

You might also head over to the BoS as I have updated the link in the Magickal Arts section as well as adding to the Wheel of the Year and Ritual sections.  If while looking over the magickal arts you think of something I missed please leave a comment and I would be glad to add it.  There is still a bit more to do over there but I think I made some good headway.

I also want to officially announce my new favorite Podcast Shh, There are Pagans in Texas.  It is hosted by my Renny, my talented wife, and Rose, my HPS.  Although it serves as a connection hub for the North Texas area pagan community, they have a huge variety of different pagan topics that they cover.  If you enjoy listening to podcast that cover Pagan topics you’ll love it.

Upcoming posts I am working on:

  • Counter – Evangelism.  What the bible says and how to talk about witches, The Craft, and your soul.
  • Music Magick correspondence
  • Magickal Text addition to BoS
  • Knot Magick
  • Service, not Sacrifice
  • Change, the Witches True Power
  • Pagan Forgiveness

If you see something interesting let me know.  Blessed Be

Isaac Bonewits, lost but not forgotten.

It is with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes that I am writing this.  Isaac Bonewits has passed from this world and life.  I don’t pretend for a second that I knew him or for that matter have ever met him, but I have read some of his works and both respected and looked up to him.  Other people have already said it much more elegantly than I ever could.  Their words and acts touched me and I hope somehow reach Isaac so that he knows what an impact he has made.  My heart goes out to his loved ones and those who knew him.  If I feel this bad I can’t imagine the grief you have of losing a friend like him.

To learn more about Isaac please visit:

The Wild Hunt, always so elegant and charming.

ADF Isaac Bonewits Memorial, Bio, Memorial, and a place to leave your condolences.

If you wish to help his family please visit http://neopagan.net/

I have found a few touching tributes:

Spirits Cast’s Fey posted a very touching tribute to him.  Welcome back Fey.

On Youtube I found:

Tribute to Isaac Bonewits, Founder of Ár nDraíocht Féin

Isaac Bonewits Tribute

of course for a Youtube search for various videos of Isaac click HERE.

To view and purchase many of his writings click HERE.

Thank you Isaac for helping make me a better witch, wiccan, pagan, man, and human.  Blessed Be.

Knowledge, Wisdom, and Intelligence Part 3

When I started this series I was hoping for a very quick maybe even weekly posts going over the three subjects, but I learned something about myself and this time of year. For months I have been sapped and unfocused. When I started the blog that was really my prime. Fall through late Winter is where I really shine and feel the most “in control”. That aside, Lughnasadh is behind us and I feel that spiral becoming tighter. There is a returning to inner power and creativity that I see over the horizon and i wait… with open arms.

To catch Part One and Part Two of this series follow the links.


Is it simply just the ability to learn. That is the simplest definition I came across in my study. Interestingly it was a good starting point not because it summed up Intelligence well but because I raised a lot of questions that fueled my search for some understanding.

What are we learning? How do we do this? How is this Quantified? Is this a learn-able ability? Teachable even? Can Intelligence be made then or trained?

Carol Bainbridge on About.com defines Intelligence in this way:

  • Adaptability to a new environment or to changes in the current environment
  • Capacity for knowledge and the ability to acquire it
  • Capacity for reason and abstract thought
  • Ability to comprehend relationships
  • Ability to evaluate and judge
  • Capacity for original and productive thought

This is certainly a much more profound reach into intelligence. It is no easy subject to understand or to grasp as it is still beingstudied today. What I particularly like about the above definition is the parts about evaluation and original thought. Both of those put an interesting spin on what intelligence means. It really makes me think about how intelligence is tied to morality and polarity. To be able to sift through the information that is given certainly plays its part in intelligence. Being able to judge that information into appropriate categories is something that I had never thought about when it came to intelligence but gives some good food for thought. Capacity for Original thought almost seems to be like a contradiction. I first thought about this as comparing my thoughts to all thoughts ever thought throughout time. In this line of thinking Original thought hardly exists, because I can imagine that most everything that has popped into my mind has occurred in someone else as well at some point in history. I heard somewhere that over a person’s lifetime they will only ever have 3 original thoughts. When I was in High School I thought one of my originals was something I called Human Foosball. It was a scheme I had where giant hydrolic machine could be placed on a field as an amusement park ride. People would pay to be in the hydo-cages to spin around and hit the ball by other people who would pay to control the hydro-cages via remote. Now, till this day I am still not sure if this is a truly original thought but for me it was. Today this is where my focus on originality changes that maybe original thought is not about never before thought things but the ability to step outside your own collective thought processes to come up with something that is outside your own nature or normal thoughts. If that is the case then a person could have many original thoughts in their life, depending on their Intelligence or if they have the capacity for it.

I did find an interesting resource on intelligence and I urge anyone who wants to research it more tovisit www.aboutintelligence.co.uk/what-intelligence.html.

There psychologist Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences states that intelligence can be broken down into 8 distinct components: logical, spatial, linguistic, interpersonal, naturalist, kinesthetic, musical and intrapersonal. Thus he believes that standard IQ tests and psychometric tests focus on certain components, such as logical and linguistic, while completely ignoring other components which may be equally important. If IQ covers mathematical, spatial, verbal, logic and memory. What about emotional, which has a good deal to do when it comes to comprehending relationships?

One alternate type of intelligence often mentioned in popular media is ‘emotional intelligence’, developed by Daniel Goleman and several other researchers. This refers to an individual’s ability to understand and be aware of your own emotions, as well as those of people around you. This ability enables you to handle social interactions and relationships better.

The concept of emotional intelligence was first suggested by Charles Darwin who emphasised the importance of emotional expression in adaptation and survival.

So how can we apply this to our Magick.

Concisely put: Know your magick, apply what you know to benefit, and adapt that knowledge accordingly. Further more, always develop whatever set or level of intelligence you have. Adaptation, productive thought, relationships, how to use knowledge, are all things that can be trained as long as you have the capacity to do so.

When casting a circle, a spell, a hex, a wish, a hope, a dream, or a prayer… do so with intelligence. The kind of both the mind and heart. Blessed be.

What the Tarot says about Intelligence: A single card pull from the Tarot.

For this pull I used the Tarot Pro app on the IPhone. Check it out here.

The Chariot (Inv) – What good is done if intelligence is not shared? Intelligence, to be of benefit, must be used in conjunction with wisdom. It is also a reminder never to disregard, disrespect, or ignore the intelligence of another.

Dedication to the Craft of the Wise

Greetings to all.  While I am pounding out the final post in the Knowledge, Wisdom, and Intelligence series I thought I would give a short update of what is going on and talk briefly about dedicating to the path.

You will notice new additions to the Book of Shadows.  I added a Magickal Arts section and have updated the Circle of the Year for Litha.  Overtime I will continue adding to both of those areas to keep them up to date and fresh.

I must say that I am really excited.  Last Saturday my wife and I dedicated into the Rose Hollow Coven.  After going through some classes and learning about the people in the coven we decided that it would be a great place for us to learn and call home.  That being said I feel now that I am going to have to be careful of what I share with this blog.  I want to protect my coven mates their privacy, as well as the secrets of our tradition.  I will however still be sharing ideas that I find helpful and think you might get something out of.  That being said, the dedication was beautiful and meaningful.  It brought me back to my first dedication.  You see I took this most recent dedication as a dedication to be in and a part of Rose Hollow.  I wanted to reaffirm with the God and Goddess that this is my chosen path and that I want to walk that path specifically with these people.

My first dedication was a self-dedication.  I had been studying Wicca and Witchcraft for several months.  Secretly of course because I was living in my parents house at the time.  I was 18 but going to college and working nearby and staying home on the farm made all of that easier and more affordable.  I think it must of been “Uncle Bucky’s” Big blue book that pushed me over the edge.  I realized that if I was going to live a Pagan life that I needed to make it official.  I needed to shed off my old skin, put it behind me, and let the Gods know that I was serious and wanting to affirm myself as Pagan.  I don’t remember exactly when it was, maybe late summer or fall.  I remember I took my athame and headed outside.  I cast a quick circle and remember becoming overwhelmed with feelings.  It had felt so right and everything over the last several months of studying and reading had built up to this moment.  Quietly but with purpose and intensity I addressed my Gods.  “Watch over me Lord and Lady.  I start a new path under your care with joy and humility.  Its me Keagen.”  It was the first time that I had really felt my Craft name and it felt important to introduce myself to the God and Goddess even though I knew that they recognized me.  I cried.  In doing so I was shaking off those ideas and old beliefs that were binding me and holding me back.  I felt lifted and clean.  I hadn’t perform any magickal work before this because I felt that if I were going to follow a religious magickal path that I needed to pay homage to the Lord and Lady before doing so.  And so it was.

I feel this introduction into The Craft is just as valid as any.  I connected with the God and Goddess that night and know one can tell me otherwise.  However when it comes to Wicca I do feel that you should be taught this from a Priest or Priestess of the religion.  That would require induction into a coven or other similar group.  Wicca is a specific religion, with its own mysteries and ways.  It would be foolish to think that you could reveal those to yourself without knowing their source, but that is only my opinion.  What do you think about self-dedication?  What was your first like, or what would you like it to be like?  Do you believe that it is possible to be Wiccan without being brought into the path by another Wiccan?  Answer in the comments below.