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Harmony with, and utilization of, the great natural forces of the universe is called Magick.

By Magick we speak, not of the super natural, nut of the superbly natural, but whose laws and applications are not as yet recognized by scientific establishment.  The witch must strive to recognize these forces, learn their laws, attune himself to them, and make use of them.  The witch must also be aware that power corrupts when used only for the gains of the self, and therefore must strive to serve humanity: Either through the service in the Priesthood, or by example and effects of his life on others.  The choice must be made in accord with the true nature of the witch.

May your light shine that the world may see your beauty.

Words to the wise…

O Daughters and sons of the earth, adore the Goddess and God and be blessed with the fullness of life.  Know that they have brought you to these writings, for herein lie our ways of Wicca, to serve and fulfill the keepers of wisdom, the tenders of the sacred flame of knowledge.  Run the rites with love and joy, and the Goddess and God will bless you with all that you need.  However, those who practice dark magics shall know their greatest wrath.

Remember that you are of the Wicca.  No more do you trod the ways of doubt.  You walk the path of light, ever climbing from the shadow to shadow to the highest realm of existence.  Though we are the bearers of truth, others do not wish to share our knowledge, so we run our rites beneath moon filled skies wrapped in shadows.  Still yet, we are happy.

Live fully, for that is the purpose of life.  Refrain not from an earthly existence.  From it we grow to learn and understand, until such time that we are reborn to learn more, repeating this cycle until we have spiralled up the path of perfection and can finally call the Goddess and God our kin.

Walk the fields and forests; be refreshed by the cool winds and and the touch of a nodding flower.  The Moon and Sun sing in the ancient wild places:  The deserted seashore, the stark desert, the roaring waterfall.  We are of the Earth and should revere Her, so doing Her honor.

Celebrate the rites on the appropriate days and seasons, and call upon the Goddess and God when the time is met, but use the power only when necessary and never for frivolous ends.  Know that using the power for harm is a perversion of Life itself. So Love the Goddess and God, and harm none!

4 responses to “Introduction

  1. intradimensional September 30, 2019 at 10:14 am

    I realize that this is an old and long forgotten site, but perhaps another will find this place, and soon that…

    No matter how long one has been practicing, each day can bring something new.
    When I had first learned how to control my dreams, (to actually script their main topic before retiring for the evening and then watch them unfold during the night, review them in the morning and note their correspondence to events past or present, even watching them play out in the days to follow) this was when I first realized the Divine Power. To see things drawn to you, to feel calm and at peace, all because you focused and asked The Gods for these things during your quiet times of reverence.
    Those saddened by a life that they think they are the victim of must seek out the Divine Knowledge that awaits them. Study, search and quiet the mind only to finally realize the power that you have always had to live a life you could only dream of previously.
    When I ceased following ‘the thieves planting flags and murderers carrying crosses’, and opened up to The True Way, I discovered that one can control his reality and align his moods with whatever he desires.
    Study, Quiet the mind, Practice, Pay Homage, and never stop learning. This is a faith that no other can offer. This is truth. This is life on The Physical Plane created just for us….

  2. Wiccan Friend September 30, 2019 at 10:21 am

    Thanks for your comment it’s beautiful. I’m still here. Site is old but not forgotten. My path got more overgrown.

  3. intradimensional September 30, 2019 at 11:45 am

    Thank you for the reply.
    As its a rather quiet day in the office, I decided to do some reading. I’m glad I found your site, its well done and timeless. The years past since its content was last added have not weakened the strength of its message.
    Very compelling childhood story as well…

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