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Thoughts on busyness, business, and making room

Merry meet fellow pagans, and anyone who happens across the site who may not be pagan.  Fall is in full swing here in Texas and although only a couple of days ago it was a balmy 78 degrees, it has turned cold again and hopefully it will stick.  My only hope for the warm few days we had is maybe it will cut down the wasp and insect population.  Originally I had planned something very timely for this post but something unexpected happened and instead I’ll share a story about love between friends lost.  It has been a awhile since my last post and I really wanted to share something so I am just winging the content today.

Busyness:  Tis the season.  I find this time of year is so active.  October kicks off this time of busyness that doesn’t really stop until the first of the year.  I think we celebrated 3 Samhains, had an October and November coven class, Thanksgiving, family stuff, and it will keep going with endless shopping and preparing for the upcoming Yule and Christmas.  This makes things like study and self reflection hard to do, but I urge everyone that if your schedule is anything like mine to take even a short amount of time to get lost in meditation.

Business:  I make it a point not to talk about my business in blog posts.  I do this mostly because I don’t want the blog or site to be seen as an advertisement with a thin pagan veil.  So please don’t take the following as an advert.  I really just want to flush some bad feelings out of my system and put out some welcoming energy.  Business can be tough.  When it is good, it is good.  It makes you feel on top of the world.  When it is bad, it is bad.  It makes you feel like the world as been turned upside down and its full weight bears down on your shoulders.  Summer was fairly good to us and we made some good strides with future plans and ironing out a lot of details on moving forward.  Unfortunately, as with all things, there is an ebb and flow and we have to except the good with the bad.  The bad has gotten to me lately.  Last year this time was tough as well and I was kind of expecting another slow period.  We set up some special programs to try and drum up business with some great incentives both for

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new clients and for our sales force, but it is turning out to be just as dry as last year.  That being said, I am putting out there before time is out this year that I will not lay down.  I won’t give in to the weight of my problems.  I will welcome it with open arms in hopes that I will have new opportunities and hard times will pass.  *Update*  I often write these posts in stages with several days going by in between writing down my thoughts or working on other post.  I have always put my finger in multiple pies like that.  Since starting this post business has really turned around.  We have 3 more client with another 3 on the way.  That is quite frankly amazing for this time of year.  I wish I could take credit for rolling up my sleeves and getting the job done but I have been sick with fever and in bed for the last 4 days so the credit and thanks really goes out to my business partner who really should believe in miracles.  Maybe it is just the power of positive thinking.

Making Room:  Originally for this post I wanted to put out some magick work to coincide with a very unique part of this time of year.  I have also felt the Samhain going into to Yule is the time of year where we should concentrate on making room in our lives for the things we truly need.  This may mean that we cull from those things which we have too much of, or even eliminating those things from our lives that we find are in excess.  I thought it would be a good exercise for me as well as a way to share with the readership a more intimate form of my magick.  My thoughts on this changed when something quite unexpected happed while I was having an outing with my wife.  We were out doing some Christmas shopping and were going to catch an early afternoon movie at a dollar theater when we decided to kill some time before the movie at a coffee shop.  We walked into the small coffee place and standing behind the counter was an old friend that we haven’t seen in over a year and a half.  We used to be part of a group of fairly close friends a few years ago.  It was a super group of 6 guys who all worked for a used gaming store and our wives/significant others.  We also all played online games together like World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online.  Honestly there was a time when we were all super close, and would talk about our futures together and helping each other navigate the perils of life.  I also appreciated that we were an inter faith group with an atheist, baptists, a catholic, and a wiccan all interested in each others unique point of view.  At least I thought that was the case.  One year my wife and I threw a Halloween party for the group and I let one of the other girls talk me into giving a Tarot reading for her.  I think that may have been the moment where they realized that we weren’t just kinda pagan but really pagan.  From that moment forward the group drifted away from us.  They became distant friends pretty quickly.  Wouldn’t make time for us and made plans with other members of the group.  We were  hurt and felt pretty poorly about the whole situation.  Life moved forward, and I think I had finally come to terms with losing them all as friends until we ran into one of them at the coffee shop.  We had a great conversation and he brought some things to light that made both me and my wife feel a little better about what had happened.  Needless to say now I have to think about what I need to hold to and what I should push aside to make room.  Maybe the universe was telling me not to give up yet, but to give it another shot.

Well, if you made it though that wall of text then you have earned some congratulations.  This has been quite a lengthy entry.  Thanks for your attention and I charge all of you readers to think about what it is that you don’t have need for this Winter.  Maybe there is a little room you can make for yourselves.  Blessed Be.

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