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Witch on Season 7 Project Runway

So my wife and I were watching Models of The Runway, a show that comes on after Project Runway.  I know what you are thinking but my wife really digs both shows.  I had a totally WTF moment when one of the the models, Alexis Broker, said something very unexpected.  She said her religion was witchcraft, but she only does white magic not black magic.

Already I have a problem with the very short statement that was not focused on by the producers.  The camera basically cut away before there was any real reaction.  My problem is certainly not the air time but of the idea that Magic is polarized.  Although I can say that if someone was having a hard time understanding what I meant by witchcraft I might have a similar conversation.  I’m sure there was a lot cut out of the footage as it came a bit out of context and most likely added by the producers for shock value.

What do you think?  Is Magic white and black, good and evil, altruistic and selfish?

I will certainly be keeping an eye on her just to see what else she says about the Craft… Oh goodness I don’t see this ending well for the pagan community but I hope for the best.  I wish her luck on the show.

3 responses to “Witch on Season 7 Project Runway

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  2. Meghan January 15, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    I just caught this too! I was like “whaaaat? white magic? black magic?”

    I’m sure the producers picked this clip for shock purpose and decided to not show anything else.

    As someone who practices some witchcraft, I personally don’t believe in terms such as “White Magic” versus “Black Magic”. For me, a binding spell used on a violent stalker could be considered “White Magic” while others call it “Black Magic”.

    So I don’t use terms like that. I make my choices with plain ole magic and know if I outright hurt someone, someone upstairs might not be too happy with me. That’s my choice.

  3. Wayne VanderBerg January 17, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    Often times when someone that wants to make a statement about their beliefs but is also not sure of how “educated” their audience is will make over simplified statements like that. I believe all she was attempting to do what say “hey, I am on the same team as Harry Potter” which to many people is either good enough or bad enough on its own to let them judge her.

    I do agree with you all that it is not a polarized force or act any more than anything in life. But at least to “joe america” she made an attempt to say “its all good”, which is more than some of the people I have seen interviewed have done.

    Attempting a paradigm shift in the negative views of our belief paths in one that I think is a long journey as it has been for the other minorities in our country and others. So I have to applaud her small attempt as poor as it was to help push that forward. After all if a beautiful thin american dream model can be a witch, then who can’t be?

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