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Just your friendly neighborhood Witch. Thoughts on Wicca, Witchcraft, Tarot, and Paganism today.

Self Card

I believe that everyone has a Tarot card that most represents them. Mine would be the Knight of Cups.

A graceful knight rides a white horse. Despite being in full armor, the knight seems to move slowly and steadily along his journey. His helmet has wings, and his cloak has images of fish. His right hand extends a cup, holding it gently before him. The horse appears to be calm. In the distance, a river cuts through the land.

Meanings: Bringer of ideas and opportunities, artistic, amiable, enthusiastic, moral, a dreamer, great expectations, an arrival or a departure, changing.

Reversed Meanings: Treachery, manipulation, deceit, dishonesty, double-dealing, excessive ambition, facade, ruthlessness, recklessness.

What is yours? Why?

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